9 comments on “Help needed

  1. Okay so for the cover kitty, claw’s might be interesting as it’ll be different =3 Unless you plan to make a martial artist afterwards already then Dagger’s would look pretty cool too imo!

    As for Meliadul as a personal opinion your going through the hard work for even getting the pose animations done and having it all set up on a sheet, if people don’t like the color they could always re-color themselfs, however if this is more of something that YOU want then i’ll take a look around, i’ve seen a different hair color on him i believe but not too sure about costume color, i’ll start swimming around the web and have a look for you! Honestly can’t wait till the release. =)

    Take care!!! Keep up the amazing work!

    – Netsu

    • Cheers Netsu 😀

      Someone mentioned like a ninja style for the kitty, so using that and having a look at what you’ve suggested could help with all the frames.

      Personally I like to do a couple of variations at least, I found that people (even though they could) didn’t do any alterations of simple colour edits which lead onto games having the same battlers over and over.
      Yeah I’ve got the standard grey and red haired ones, but nothing of an alternative costume colour, which is surprising to be honest. If none are found then I’ll have to come up with something.

  2. Oh Dollmage’s Kitsune (Cat girl) has some pretty cool attack animations using just her hand and feet, so as i mentioned above you could just do no weapon at all and have it a hand to hand combat XD

    • I tried to do those quite a few times and found them really hard to do, I ended doing a test frame with a Bo Staff and it suited quite well.

      Who knows though I could eventually get to the point where I can make multiple weapons for the same character design XD

      • I wish there was a script for multiple weapons. </3

        But yeah, sure, a bo staff is okay. It's that sort of hitting staff?

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