10 comments on “Remaking the unmade.

  1. Ey, didn’t know this blog before!
    Saw the banner on Division Heaven.
    It’s a nice idea for a blog, seeing as there’re so many lateral battle systems lately.
    You’ve been backlinked on my site! 😉

    • Oh cool thank you 🙂 It’s tough since everyone knows mainly of Tankentai, so breaking these kind of battlers back into the RM community is a challenge.
      I’ll get round to linking to your blog soon.

  2. I think this is preety stupid from you to make your Sheets, post somewhere else and then make a blog only to talk about it.
    Why don’t you provide them here???
    I don’t understand it….

    • Well the sheets themselves are uploaded to galleries on various forums across the RPG Maker Community, since I have a number of topics on each this place stands for a more in-depth focus on the construction side and where if needed I can update on progress rather than going around bumping each topic with the information.

      Hopefully this gives a bit more insight as to why I’ve done things this way.

      • I sounded more rude than I wanted to, I apologize, but I still don’t see any prejudice in posting the sheets here.
        I’m saying this because I searched for it in the forums and didn’t find them.

    • Wow Lucas, i think that was a little bit rude considering your not putting ANY effort into helping her with her battlers and most likely use them, if you disagree with a certain layout of the way Holder does things it’s fine to say, but to outright call it stupid without first even understanding why things are done this way? Really?..
      Anyways, sorry i know this is no place to start a debate off-topic, i couldn’t help myself here.
      Hope things are going well Holder. =)

    • It’s okay, what I’ll do is create a section with direct links to the topics themselves. I’ve had quite a bit on my plate recently and the layout of this place isn’t up to par so I understand your frustration.

      Just bare with me 🙂

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