4 comments on “RTP Animated Battlers?

  1. Hm, i don’t quite understand this one. xD Aren’t you already creating battler’s that match the RTP? Like Eric for example matches Eric from the RTP. Unless you mean creating the RTP Battler’s in RTP size? If so, i prefer your current style of doing battler’s, they look alot nicer and more appealing imo.

    I was using Kaduki character’s in my VX game and well, they’re also mini-sized. xD Defo prefer your current style.

    • Sorry for any confusion. I was originally only going to do a few animated battlers from each RTP. Then branch off into other areas or themes.

      • Aha i understand now xD Well so far you done a really smooth and awesome job on the battlers, i can’t see you going wrong no matter which direction you choose to take now, however it would be nice to have a Battler’s for the RTP, but of course, do what your in the mood for.

        Like keep it mixed up, occasional RTP, then branch off etc. So long as your enjoying making the battler, i think that’s important.

  2. So I’m really impressed on your work, and currently am writing up a storyboard for a game I’ve been piece together in my head for awhile. I currently have an amazing artist to do characters, but she knows nothing about spriting. If your interested in joining the team as a spriter/animated battler let me know. 🙂

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