8 comments on “Mira progress 1

  1. Aha! Look’s really nice! =] I was wondering when the work in progress on her might show up haha.
    Great job once again, even looking at it now makes me want to test it out in battle.

    Keep up the great work, Holder!

    • Cheers Netsu, I’ll be honest I’ve sort of neglected the work in progress side of the blog. I suppose it’s sort of left a few people in the dark about what’s happening. That and getting side tracked with other things.

  2. Looks really cool as usual Holder. Another great battler and what’s more it seems that you’re always improving. xD can’t wait for dalmas and hulen though xD

  3. Yes, it is possible to loop only between 2 frames. I don’t know if any existing CBS feature that, bur it requires only minimal tweaking. Actually I think it would be best to have two lines, one with a ‘transition’ animation from normal stance to victory stance, then another with a looping animation, much like they did in Valkyrie Profile, for example (Valkyrie initially brandishing her sword above her head, then the sword shining repeatedly).

    I believe you shouldn’t let scripts dictate their standards to you, especially since you make such beautiful sprites. Personnally I’d be happy to modify any CBS scripts to match any new animations you might come up with.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the information 🙂 That’s really nice of you to say that.

      Having an extra row for transition may be a bit too much work, it’s a strain at the moment with 13, I constantly watch how each pose flows into another to avoid any jumping. I’ll have to have a look at Valkyrie Profile, sounds interesting.

      • Well, I believe talented people in each area feel forced to comply with others’ constraints. We scripters write battle systems which use that number of poses and loop between that number of frames, not because that’s what we believe in, but because that’s the way spritesheets are made. So, because some guy once decided arbitrarily on the spritesheets’ layout, all follow. Now I completely understand if you don’t wish to overwhellm yourself, but my point is that I feel sad that talented people like yourself restrain their creativity just to comply with senseless standards that could easily be overridden if others would support them. So basically what I’m saying is that if you’ve got ideas in store (now or later) to improve your sprites, that can’t seem to actually work because of script constraints, just don’t worry about it, I (and probably other scripters as well) would be glad to arrange things for you, especially if it’s easy to do – for example, if you would want to change the number of frames your sprites animate into, in any decently written script it’s just a matter of modifying a single number, so what could we say but ‘feel free’? Also, this is not something I would say lightly since I hate editing other people’s scripts so much (I’m kinda snobbish about them :p).

        As for Valkyrie Profile, I really like the way characters are animated in it. It’s not necessarily about the sprites’ quality (I believe they must not be animating through more than 6 or 8 frames in total so it’s about just the same as yours) but because of the way they move and synchronize with extrenal animations. When I see most (if not all) RPG Maker battle scripts running, actors feel so static to me and have such unnatural movement I think it essentially wastes the artist’s talent. Maybe you could have a look at special attacks from Valkyrie Profile, such as Valkyrie’s Nibelung Valesti. If you look carefully, there are not many frames used by the sprite in it, what makes it truly amazing is the motion and the environment animations, like the screen flashing or shaking to ‘contribute to the feeling’.

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