4 comments on “New Characterset Template!

    • Thanks 🙂
      What don’t you like about VX style? The main thing that bothered me was that the size of their heads, which is why these have a lot more room on the body.
      I suppose if it is that the characters are in 32×32 frames then I’d be able to redo my larger XP ones into VX format but keep the 32×64 grid if you want me to.

      • Well regarding VX characters, they look somewhat… flat. Like they’ve all been squished by a truck or something. Of course the big heads, which you corrected, play a part in that aspect, but the fact that cells are 32×32 does too. I think it’s because of RPG Maker’s inherent isometric perspective – I mean a wall tile which is supposed to be standing has the same height as a ground one, so with characters fitting in both it’s unclear whether they’re standing or lying, you know what I mean? On the contrary, letting XP characters’ upper part superpose on walls helps get the perspective. Also, though it is obvious, shorter characters means less details, hence less possibilities of customization. Anyways, I’m just sharing thoughts, don’t worry about it too much, I don’t think I would have any use for those at the moment. Keep up the good work though. 🙂

  1. I need a little help. For one, I’m making a game and am looking to make the combat system as… well, nice and polished as possible. For another, I can’t STAND Ace’s basic sprites. It bothers me so much how small and unrealistic they are, you can’t really make them have a ton of personality. I’m hoping to find people who can do custom battlers and whatnot (and they would be interesting projects) and I would even pay a little if wanted. I don’t know how to contact you though… So I figured I would just post here. If you can help make custom battlers and how to use custom charsets it would be epic. I can be contacted through Knight_d345@yahoo.com. Please contact me saying if you can or can’t help, because I’m hoping this game will go far, considering it has a very epicly long storyline (unlike those dungeon crawler RPGs I always see that are poorly constructed. I’ve had help from a few writing majors/publishers in designing this storyline =P)

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