One comment on “Progress Report 5

  1. Both sprites look great! As far as I’m concerned, I love characters with martial arts battling style, maybe because they give me the feeling I’m fighting in a smart way, he he. Anyways, it makes a change from the more traditional combat stances which have been seen time and again in countless games before. I’ve been searching a lot for such original poses and have had no luck so far, and you seem like the most promising spriter to make them (if you plan on making some samurai or otherwise oriental swordsman in the future I’ll be the first to use it). Anyways I love your sense of aesthetics, your sprites really have a spirit to themselves, they feel so alive! I especially like how you can give females some grace and beauty, instead of merely making blokes with long hair and bumpy chests, my favorite so far is Elicia, the female lancer. So keep up the good work!

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