17 comments on “Request a Boss battler

  1. What about the big monsters in the RTP? They have battler graphics to show them in more detail. Would be neat to see them animated to go with the other animated RTP battlers.

    Original ideas though… maybe a dragon that walks on all fours, or a large rugged bandit riding a fierce grey wolf and carrying a huge axe. I don’t have any other details or images, I like working out the concept while I try to draw it… more fun that way for me. =X

  2. Some kind of dragon seems like a suitable, generic boss enemy anyone would use. Now then any one of them is fine, just pick whatever appeals to you most.

  3. I’d like a big Goblin-King type of Boss. It should be Bigger normal small Goblins, and probably fatter since its a ‘King’ type enemy. Also, I think It would be cool if it had a Giant Club as a weapon or something like that

  4. I’m with Espon on this one: since the battlers you’re making are based on RTP characters, your first boss battlers could be based on RTP big monsters too.

  5. I’d love if you created a dragon type boss. By dragon, I mean have a pair of wings on it’s back, not wings coming from it’s arms, which some people somehow think is a dragon. If possible, having it as a sprite form too would be awesome to match the battler. It’s been easy to make sprites because your battlers have been human but making a dragon sprite to match is something few can do. Here’s a few example links. The dragon in these links is “Evan’s” dragon from the mmorpg Maplestory. A google or youtube of “Evan Dragon Maplestory” will show more images. If you don’t like the appearance of the dragon, this dragon actually has around 5 growth forms from baby to adult so if you want a younger looking dragon, it’s possible to search for it’s younger forms.

    Fire attack:

    Larger view of body:

    Body sideways in idle stance:

    Video of the Dragon in the game:

  6. A reaper boss (Similar to headless horseman though) 😀 I’m quite a large fan of scythes. Have a look at this guy. And this video link is probably as much detail one can possibly give ^^

  7. Make a boss version of this guy :3 I can provide a decent sprite sheet if you decide to make a boss battler for this. I must say though the material is copyrighted so idk to what extent you can use the content. It’s from Maplestory, company Nexon. Character name is Kaiser.

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