5 comments on “Realisation

  1. I know that many people ask for and look for your battlers. I think being able to have a larger set of them is valuable, as long as you don’t sideline yourself too long in the process.

    • Cheers GDeb, that’s part of the reason I’m glad I had time to think about how I was doing these. Also pleased people are still asking about them.

  2. I do worry about starting over, just because that often means that the artist is trying not to burn out and they end up burning out faster by trying to redo years worth of work in a very short time. However, I also think that there are ways to make this spriting process more streamlined and easier for you. Whatever you end up doing, make these as fun and easy to make as possible, don’t stress about quality. This is one of those few cases where quantity trumps it.

    • Well they’re not really altering that much – still be able to use current ones without being able to really know the difference. I have so many ideas XD but the issue was time.
      I’m always open to any thoughts that anyone may have, if you want to let me know your ideas then please do by all means.

      >< Unfortunately I do stress about quality, but rather in the ways of what others want. Since I'm not making these for myself it's if the target audience doesn't like them then time has been wasted. So that's always on my mind.

      • I know what you mean, I had a similar project a while back. I learned that doing stuff for free at a high quality for a vague “other people” isn’t enough for me. Now if I’m doing free I try to do high quality stuff for me that other people can use or a lower quality stuff if it’s purely for other people. I don’t always succeed because I’m a perfectionist and love attention but I’ve found that if I do that I burn out a lot less often and I’m happier, and I haven’t noticed a difference in how people react to the stuff I give away. My quick stuff still has value even if I don’t try to tweak it into perfection. I think yours would too.

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