7 comments on “First rework release

  1. Hey there,

    I didn’t know how else to contact you. V.v I looked everywhere. Maybe I’m just a blind tard. Anyway, I was wondering if you do commissions. My roommate and I are currently working on a rather large project and, while I’ve kind of gotten the hand of spriting, I’m terribly unequipped to tackle the animated battlers we are hoping to include in our game (trust me… I’ve tried… a lot).

    If you don’t accept commissions… do you know anyone who does? I tried to google it but *shakes head* not a whole lot of luck. Your talent is unreal… and amazing and I kinda wanna put your creep in my pocket and keep him forever. <.< That sounded bad. *blinks*

    Thank you for the response! I'm sorry if that information is right in front of my face. V.v;


  2. I want more enemies and actors! I love your style, but making a full game with your sprites is difficult because of the low amount of choices.

  3. oi.
    sou brasileiro (brasilian) e um grande fan do seu trabalho.
    eu gostaria que voce postasse alguns chars que nao estou achando no seu blog mais vejo na capa dele (no desenho onde estao todos os personagens.

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