8 comments on “New release time!

  1. I’ve appreciated your work since I first started on RM, but I kinda fell flat on using them since there weren’t enough variations. I’m glad to see you put so much effort and work in providing more, it is a testament to how great the RM community’s contributors are so great, and some are pure assets!

    Have you ever tried working on a dual wielding set 2 blades or 2 axes?

    • Thank you, that is part of the reason why I did this rework, getting to a point where I can create a lot of variation in looks rather than form. Who knows at this rate I may even be able to open a request topic XD

  2. Men fantastic new assets I have never used animated battlers before because there was no variation, I was stuck having to use a Knight or a axe warrior for any project. These new assets might just give me enought variation to use then in my project. Thank you very mutch.

    Well if you allow me to make a request. Can you do female archer next?

    Sorry for my bad english.

  3. Awesome simply awesome. you are making my videogame proyect much easier… keep working.
    I am Holder´s FANBOY!

  4. Love the many variations you’re offering on your battlers lately, not just recolors but different weapons and stuff. 🙂 Until then I felt a male swordsman was missing, you had to choose between Adela who’s female and Eric who looks more like a thug than a fencer. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  5. ola.
    sou eu novamente.
    mais um grande trabalho seu,a armadura mais escura ficou muito boa.
    voce poderia fazer um char soldado?
    meio viking,parecido com aquele do rpg maker xp?
    seus personagens estilo chrono trigger sao muito bons.

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