3 comments on “Another Dual Release

  1. Hey! Been away for a long time now, but I just saw that you, on the other hand, have been busy! Nice releases, I felt like warriors with a less barbarian and more knighty look were missing. Also, it’s really great that there is so much variety in the weaponry, I think it’s much more interesting toward customizing your own characters, than mere color edits one can easily make by themselves. All the more reasons for my animated battlers script to support your awesome works! Cheers!

  2. First I wanted commend you on how awesome your battelrs are, I’m a huge fan of your work, its been a major catalyst to my brother and I starting a project with VX Ace. I was wondering what your plans were in regards to battlers using any of the following weapons:
    Dual Swords/Daggers/Axes, Spear with Shield, Claws, Hands/Feet, Whips, Scythe, Shaolin Beads.

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