15 comments on “Static enemies?

  1. Enemy sprites themselves would be awesome, would a single frame enemy be animated like when it’s standing idle..if so I’m sure that would be fine.

  2. That would be awesome. I’m using the Hero Battlers, and it’s hard to find monster sprites that fit the design. There are a few enemies I am using that have atrocious placeholders. Are you planning on doing like… Holder Styled RTP Battlers that are side-view?

  3. Would be nice to have some fitting enemies for now. Maybe animate them later, or only idle + attack.

  4. The point of animated battlers is to be animated – on the other hand a static picture is better than no picture at all. I say make the release if it’s a matter of 5 minutes to you – if not, maybe it’s best to wait for the works to be complete before going through the trouble.

  5. I am relatively new to the RM community as a whole, but I have been a fan of your work for some time. WRT your question, why not just get a small set of enemy sprites made and let ‘us’ work on them for you? I realize that would slightly alter your goal on this site (i.e. Holder {EMPHASIS there} Animated Battlers), but, your terms of use state that you allow others to edit your content at will with proper credits due. So, to satisfy your ‘customers’ and to help your own sanity/time, this could work. And you could choose which to place on this site specifically. That way, you get final decision as to what content you ‘support’ directly and your fans still get at least some level of content directly from you to start (the static enemies).

    • I think this is the most down to earth and understanding comments I’ve ever had. Thank you and I’ll certainly take that on board.

  6. I think it’s a very good idea. After all, “animated characters, idle enemies” is a pattern used by several 2d commercial games.

    • (Other than that, I think the priority is you working on what you like working on. If creating those complex enemy frames is more fun for you than “standard” character animations, I’d say go for it! If, on the other hand, it feels like a chore I’d say you can safely drop it)

  7. I think static images would be a fine placeholder until you are able to complete them to your satisfaction. Or perhaps a static image of idle, attack, and dead. Or just idle and dead, if you could. If not, placeholders are really useful in themselves. Heck – if people are really desperate and short on time, I’m sure they can get them to move at least up and down.

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