6 comments on “Another animated battler ready.

  1. Uploads to DeviantArt seems to last forever… so I can see it being a good place for display and hosting. It certainly beats having a forum itself as the host for the resources as many did with RRR back in the day.

    After that, you could just use direct links from DeviantArt within other forums such as RPGMakerWeb.com or Save-Point where I’m developing AnimBat… and where you still have your Resources thread from 2012.

    You might need to revisit it and your terms of use. Forgot about it, eh?

    • Yeah after coming back and seeing watermarks all over my images from photobucket I knew I had to find somewhere else.
      I’ll definitely be there at save-point coz I’d love to see how the scripts changed and help as much as I can. The testing one that I had with xp was a mess coz I don’t know what I’m doing code wise.

    • Aw that’s fantastic! I always used to get requests from people for that and I couldn’t get it sorted.
      I’m in the middle of resetting up everything on my eldest daughters PC.

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