6 comments on “Seeking someone with JavaScript experience.

  1. First Thing: I’m not a pro in scripting, but i can program pretty well in C++, C# and a little bit Ruby (Rpg Maker Vx Ace).

    Second Thing: I love your work, you inspired me a lot, i would be honored to work with you. So, I can start to study Javascript, and since it’s not the first time that i’m learning another programming language i think it will be easier.

    Third Thing: I’m Italian so i could have written something stupid or make some mistakes in this comment.

    I really like your work and it will be a pleasure to work with you!!!
    Hope that you will accept my offer.

    Stay safe

    • Hey dood. Happy Christmas and good new year.

      I’m not sure how to reverse engineer something but I sure someone will be able to benefit from this and help develop it.

      Again I’m not knowledgeable nor any language but will this give separate sections of control like the XP script. Like the pose configuration etc parts of Anibat?

      • It’s literally a slice-n-dice system and reconstruction system. And it uses the popular Zlib::Png_File Module that you may find in the MACL system (Method and Class Library) that classic members Trickster, SephirothSpawn and others worked upon. Er, they didn’t come up with the Zlib module.

        But the script itself takes the ‘format’ data of an RMMV battler (for example) and slices the RMMV battler into individual temporary frames, saving each frame in a temp folder.

        It then reassembles the temp frames into a Minkoff-styled battler as programmed into the code. After this, it saves the resulting .png file battler and deletes the temp frames and temp folder.

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