Sheet Information

Following a similar style to previous animated battler scripts I formed a sheet layout which has some added poses for a more flexible battler. The inclusion of a Enter pose for example gives a nice touch to the initial battle, also splitting one casting pose into Skill and Magic places more emphasis onto the battlers class.

Pose order

  1. Idle – Waiting
  2. Defend – Guarding
  3. Woozy – Under status effect (Also low HP value)
  4. Struck – Being hit (Taking damage)
  5. Attack – Striking the target
  6. Item – Using an item
  7. Skill – Using a technique
  8. Magic – Casting a spell
  9. Advance – Moving forward
  10. Retreat – Moving away (Also flee)
  11. Victory – Battle end
  12. Enter – Battle start
  13. Dead – Corpse (Dead-dood-ded)
  14. Credits – Sheet info (Not shown in game)
File names
Each file has been given a general name and a code. To avoid loosing certain types of creatures ie. ‘Blood bat’ it’s simply just Bat. With the code there after it lets you locate different designs of Bats. Also each file has a letter from A to G which is a colour variation:
  • A- Original colour
  • B- Black
  • C- White
  • D- Red
  • E- Green
  • F- Blue
  • G- Yellow

If there’s say A (The original colour) is already blue then F would be a purple variation.

So file names will be something like: Bat 2E.png

Frame to sprite

Every sprite is located 32 pixels in from the horizontal edges of the frame (Including larger & smaller sprites). Each attack/skill extends into the first 32 pixels of the frame.

Each Animated Battler is default facing to the left, this is also true of Enemies and bosses. A script allowing Animated Battler enemies should already have the default structure to flip the images horizontally.

Sheet Variation

Some poses within individual sheets may require looping animation ie the victory pose, however some may need it to only play once. This is something which will depend on the options within each script and not something I can accommodate.

Example of these would be a Genie may return to the Lamp when a victory pose occurs – this would preferably play once then stay static. However another sheet may have a frog do backflips – with this it would be best visually to have this Victory pose loop.

Sheet placement

The main placement of the sheet is located at the bottom middle of every sheet:

This is the direct centre of the image also the very bottom of the image. Use this for enemy/boss placement if you have background objects/scenery which blend with the sheet ie. a monster appearing out of a wall.


32 comments on “Sheet Information

  1. i love your battler but i dont wana use some one els work i wana learn to make my own what program do you use to do this im a noob i have only had rpgmvxace for a week now but ima fast learner

  2. this is great sheet, i am currently using ve animated battler and your sheet format while doing a little bit of pixel drawing myself, but i got a question, how do i extend the number of rows? cuz i was planning on a sheet with 4 frames and 20 rows. what is the actual pixels x pixels. maybe you can help…

    • This is more of a question for the scripter unfortunately, there may be something within the comments that shows how to add the number of rows.
      The sheet size itself along with the frame size doesn’t matter because everything is divided up into the number of columns and rows that the script is set up for.

  3. So, each sprite is 32 pixels in from the edge, but what size is each frame?
    I’m trying to do my own template, but I am not sure how big each space is for each pose.

    • It can be whatever you want it to be. I normally work with 96*96 for standard actors, however you can make them smaller or bigger. They don’t even have to be square frames, just as long as they’re all the same size as each other.

  4. Hello Holder. I tried making my own sprite sheet. It’s 15 rows 16 frames each row. I made sure each frame is within it’s own allocated square by making a grid. But whenever I make a sprite sheet, the poses came out all wrong in the sense that half the head is missing or the leg of the next row is showing. The frame by frames seem to move fine, it’s just the rows. Do you know why this is happening? Also, apart from specifing in the Animated Battler’s scrip the picture is 15 rows by 16 frames, do I need to change anything to make sure all the frames play out for each pose? I’m concerned only 4 frames will show per pose. I can’t test this though because my completed wrong is spazing out :/ If it helps, here is my spritesheet and the gridded version

    • I had the same problem when I was doing test sprites for my game. What I did to fix it was to do a test battle with the sprite with a background. Screenshot it go into Photoshop crop the sprite from the screenshot or rather cut it out of the screenshot opened a new file and see the resolution of that sprite in the game. When I get the resolution of the sprite I fix the canvas size of the sprite sheet to reflect the sprite size.

      So say the sprite size is to be 96×96, the sheet of 15 frames and 16 poses should be 1440×1536.

      • As shown in my link, I made a grid to ensure that each sprite remained in their designated boxes. Is there something wrong with my grid lay out? The last row doesn’t have a grid simply because it’s the credits row.

        • Well your grid layout looks like it’s rectangular rather than square. Which is probably why you are getting the half cut off effect.

          I believe I have read somewhere you can change the default settings of the battler script to work with your battler’s layout, you have to find the right coding.

          In any case I would try to resize the grid to have square grids fix up the positioning on the sprites and then test it out to see if that fixes it.

          My grid I thought was good until I saw cut offs on the animation. Did what I commented earlier to find out that my sprite sheet was ONE pixel off and that screwed the whole animation up for the battle script to read.

  5. Is this doable with drawings? I suck at pixel art but my friend is a good artist and hes been doing all the potrait pics of my projects.

  6. I love your battlers… I am inspired with your sprite can i possibly use larger sprite than this. I mean like the size in chrono trigger’s sprite.

      • I believe, if at all possible, it would be done in the script. I believe holder only deals with the artwork. you would have to ask the author of the script you’re using about that.

    • “”It can be whatever you want it to be. I normally work with 96*96 for standard actors, however you can make them smaller or bigger. They don’t even have to be square frames, just as long as they’re all the same size as each other”” -Holder

      What he’s saying is, the larger you scale the image, the larger the sprite will be.

  7. Is it possible to use this “change_battler(id,”filename”)” in the notetag? I’ve tried to add it in skills to swap the battlers but it doesnt work. Is there any other way of swapping battlers?

  8. Okay Holder, I was wondering if you’d be able to help me with something. I can’t access the pictures, so i was wondering if you would be able to email me them. I am using the schools computers to make my game, but i do not have a computer of my own.. So would you be able to email me the animated battlers?

      • Well, the computers that I am using have a proxy setting on the server that blocks pictures, so i am unable to access any pictures on here… Sorry, i probably should’ve mentioned that earlier… (^~^ )

  9. Can someone please help me create a grid for my sprite sheet I’m having trouble placing the sprites correctly in Photoshop. Each sprite is 47×68 or something close to that I’m not doing any extra rows or frames thanks.

    • If you’re not doing any extra frames or rows then the frame size can be anything you like. If you’re having trouble placing the actual graphic in each frame then try using a place marker for each frame.

  10. Hello holder I had a request for your monster sprites I tried to get them from your site but it gives me a 404 error. I u could I’d much appreciate it:)

  11. Holder I am Nio Kasgami to one who update ace tankentai…for some weird reason I can’t seem to be able to use your sprite in the battle system (and tankentai is highly compatible with sprites) I don’t know wich kind of frames do you use?

  12. Pingback: Holders Battler – Disgaea Empusa | California Macky RPG Resources

  13. Hello galv’s lord I would like to ask you a question regarding the side battle system demo the animated battle, well, I would like to know if I can use the script for a commercial project rpg maker vx ace, I would like to know if you allow or not to do so , And in case if another question allowed … could you modify the battlers you have made? (I mean the heroes) please I would like to know if it is possible, I thank you for your attention and I await your impatient response.

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