This page is being altered for my second generation of battlers.

Job Class

Download my first generation of battlers below (link to the .rar file)

First Generation RAR Download by Dark-Holder

Please be aware though these are in the same pose order of my newer ones they don’t use the dual poses usage.



57 comments on “Actors

  1. Sorry but where do i have to click to see “the full sheet” i don’t see any link.
    Do i have to register or something? Thanks.

    • This section is still under construction. You can find my topics at various forums, check out the RPG Maker Communities I’ve listed on the right hand side until I’m able to finish this.

  2. I have trouble finding anything (emo face sets, decent portraits, or really anything) for Actor 1-5. But if you are busy don’t worry about it.

  3. Hello Holder,
    your battlers are really impressing, I really want to use them but their appearances do not match my characters’
    so i want to try making my own battlers with your style
    can you provider templates for these battlers please?? That would be a great favour

    • Thank you, unfortunately I don’t make templates as I sprite them as you see them.
      Is there anything specific that you’re trying to do? I could possibly offer some help.

  4. How long would it take to make like a crossbow character sprite?
    ‘Cause I’m trying to make some interesting classes and maybe it’s just me but instead of guns and bows I’d prefer to use crossbows XD

    • Well there is a character in XPs RTP that uses a crossbow, male and female characters I believe. So I would be making one eventually, if you’re talking about you making one it depends entirely on how comfortable you are with spriting.

      • I have no actual idea on how to sprite, so technically the question would be when would you release that sprite. Or if you have any programs for spriting i’m open to learning 🙂

        • Well for spriting I use Graphics Gale but honestly you can do it in any sort of drawing program.
          As for the battler I’ve not created a concept for those ones yet but it’s within the RTP so all I can say is just keep checking back 🙂

  5. I was hoping i could see a male swordsman, but not like meliadul. but a decently large sword? I love your work. I can’t wait for you to release more stuff ❤

  6. Is it possible to make some templates for these so that we can make our own battlers?

  7. Hey I got a animated battler script but it was in Japanese. is there is a English version?

  8. Hey speak spanish ;).
    How to make normal actors are also vx
    fight with the same chara. Because this does not bring enough players
    Thank 😀

  9. Holder,

    Your sprites are amazing, keep up the good work. I am not sure if you take any requests, but if you were in mind to perhaps you could look into creating an actor based on this character set:

    His weapon would be a staff, just like your white mages above.

    If that link doesn’t work you can check out the request thread here:

    I have looked for hours and hours and I cannot find anything that fits the mold of a battler for this character. Thanks for your consideration.

  10. Hey Holder, this is Gorlami from RMW. I dunno how active you are over there so I thought I’d pop you a message here. Do you happen to take commissions for sprites?

  11. Holder, you have a great sprite here and I admire it. ^^
    Would you mind to tell me how to customize these sprite? 😀

  12. Could we possibly get both gender versions of the battlers? My main character is going to be a lancer type of fighter, but he’s male… It’d be awesome if we could have that choice between both.

  13. I would like to make a that possible?
    Also I’d like to donate for that.


  14. Good Day Holder,
    First of all i Love your work the battlers are awesome.
    Now my question: i see some other battlers in Top of your Homepage (on the graphic with you Logo in it) like a furry catgirl, female wizard with a staff theres a bat on top of it or Young Fighters with a Single sword and some other Monsters. Tests exactly what i Need for my Project but i cant find them on your page to Download it. If its possible to send it to me per Email i would be more than happy.
    Greetings Duskax

  15. Hope to see more Battlers and enemies soon, im having to use a mixture of yours and others for now, but honestly with just like 10-20 new enemies, I could complete my work using only your Battlers!

  16. Holder Hi I was wondering if you could do me a Actor as those who already have just personalized, I would send my custom character project I want you to do
    a ‘Animated Actor “, I’ll pay whatever it takes, but it is something that really
    I need to launch my game

  17. Hi Holder!
    I have few questions for you! I want to hire some artists to make me custom graphics for my commercial game. Can you please send me template of your sprite sheets so we don’t mess up with graphics? And additional info about this subject will be nice! Also are you working any custom graphics a.k.a. can i hire you? Please answer me ASAP (you can also contact me on my facebook)

  18. Excuse me! I want to make my own sheets similar to yours (using existing sprites)

    How do I do so? Are there certain sizes or something?

  19. Hi there, basically, what I want to do this use these sprites (or though il edit them) but i want it so when i get a new weapon it will replace the graphic with the new weapon, so im thinking il have to make lots of copies with dfferent weapons in each hand, but how would i implement this in the game, like when i acquire the new weapon for the graphic to change? or not possible? if this makes sense at all, not sure if this is the right place to ask so sorry if it is.

    • Right not I currently have a new generation of battlers that I’m making which will let you do this a lot easier. I have a few of the Warrior class done which should give you a general idea of how things are going to work.
      As for getting the system and or function to do so well, sorry that’s for the scripters to do, it’ll be a visual battle equipment system that’ll be needed for or rather by each author if they wish to create such a thing.
      I’m not really in any kind of direct contact with any so I suppose it’ll be a case of yous lot asking really nicely and them being super kind to do so. 🙂

  20. Hi Holder ❤ Thanks for this amazing battlers… I'm using Adela as base for my battler and now i've a question… Is possible to have Adela without weapon? Also the level with clothes only is good. I'm asking because the sword is over the clothes and I suck in redrawing clothes and shadow 😦 … Thanks again for all ❤ cya

    • Is there a particular weapon that you’re going to add onto her?
      I think you’re talking about the first generation of battlers, since I don’t do them with shadows any more since a lot of people complained about them.

  21. Hey Holder! I love your awesome battlers, but I’ve noticed you have not made all the battlers on the top logo of you page.I would really love to see them made, especially the “RPG Maker VX” cover characters. I am making a game using them and I’ve just been dying to see how you make them and when I can finally use them! But thanks again for your awesome work!

    • I’ll be working on those shortly, I’ve been trying to get the basic job classes done first.
      Where I am at the moment it’d be only the Warrior (far left character) I’d do since I’ve finished it’s base.

  22. Hello, I’m using the google translator, I am making a game and thanks to the graphics and script here, I could do better but it makes me graphics needed for a lancer and a mage (preferably type fire emblem) plus a general, or better because they do not make a “Creator of animated characters” would save so much, not, well thanks: D can send it to my hotmail

  23. Hello holder! I once more wanted to thank you for these! I really like all your battlers, but, the archive with the first generation battlers is still gone, any chance we can get it back? I personally loved them a lot.

  24. Hope you can make the other actors (Natalie, Ernest, Alice, Ryoma, Isabelle, Rick and Noah) soon. Been trying to include some of these actors for some time.

  25. Hello!! I’m just wondering! would it be fine to you if I use these animated battlers in my project and edit or re-sprite some of them to fit my character? of course I will give credit 😀

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