8 comments on “All

  1. could you make a spritesheet of a character which is using a katana please? any appearance would do as long as you make the katana..

  2. It would be super awesome if you made Hulen from your previews of what you were going to do next I seen in the rpg maker forums I think. It would be very much appreciated, that character would really fit in my game. Thanks for reading this Holder and thank you for all your hardwork on these graphics, they are the best battlers I have seen. 🙂

  3. Great work 🙂
    Would you also provide a template battler, so we can easily create our own battlers and maintain your style?

  4. ¡Help! ¡I’m in trouble! ¡I need a male battler from Africa with two daggers! ¡Please! ¡Do it! And contact with me via email. Please…

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