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Using single handed swords or axes these are the standard fighting class, a shield can be applied for a little extra defence.






7 comments on “Warrior

          • SInce the protagonist in my game is a female mage, that would be awesome 🙂
            I ain’t good enough in neither pixeling nor imitating your style to add a Cloak + Change her clothers to fit my Character. So it would be awesome if you could make a second generation version and add it to your workshop.

            Btw. I just found your Battlers a few days ago and I kinda “fell in love with them”. I just love the style and they are very well made too!

  1. Would it be possible to have you check out a bit of my work to get some advice. (Not anything like finishing it for me just would like pointers for what I have so far.)

  2. Hey Holder, I have started on a game and I noticed you are very talented at making these sprites. I personally am awful at making spritesheets and was wondering if you could make 2 sprites. If you will do this I give you creative freedom on their animations. The first one is a rouge/thief character and the second is a knight with a horned helmet like an ox. I don’t want his face to be seen. I understand you may be very busy but if you fan do this then I would be very apreciated. If you need some sort of payment just let me know.

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