Here you’ll find a list of all the Boss animated battlers, these usually contain larger frames and are perfect for later stages of your game. Each thumbnail will link you to the Official English RPG Maker Community gallery image, from there simply ‘right click’ and select: ‘Direct link to this image file’, then just ‘right click’ and Save As…

Character sheets, portraits and facesets can be found in the Matching Material section.
Posted Image



13 comments on “Bosses

  1. Whatever happened to the Midgar Zolom that was a good concept for a boss? Anywho, love your work.

  2. Holder, I was wondering if you would be alright with me making different kinds of edits to Asimole?
    I kinda just want to see if I can do it… Let me know if I can! 😀

  3. Pls Check the online game grand chase and can you pls make the bosses in that game pls!!!

  4. Hi Holder! Huge fan of your work. 🙂 Question: Is there any chance we’ll see those other typed Asimoles?? I found a post you made back in 2012.. It showed static images of Asimole fire, Asimole poision, and asimole dark. The dark one is absolutely amazing!! I’d do anything to have it in my game haha. So, is there any sliver of hope that we might be seeing either (or both) of the other two Asimole designs? If needed, I’d be more than willing to donate to you if it will help you make them.

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