F0153 – Animated Battlers

Fomar0153 – Animated Battlers

by Fomar0153

Script Location


Author notes:

Please note, I intend for this to be the final version. I am not planning on adding any more features.

By default this is configured to used battlers such as Holder’s.

Author Compatibility notes:

One more thing this is compatible with my Customisable ATB/CTB/Stamina based battle system.

Personal Comments:

None yet, will complete soon.


One comment on “F0153 – Animated Battlers

  1. Okay, a couple questions… 1) This should work with VX ace right? 2) Does this require other scrips, or is it just really just this bad by itself?

    it only shows like half of the actor, and repositioning is broken for me…

    I plan on fixing it up a bit, but its unusable for VXAce in it’s current state…

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