Minkoff Animated Battler

 Minkoff Animated Battler 

by manypeople (See Personal Comments)

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5 comments on “Minkoff Animated Battler

    • Typically at Save-Point.Org. I have it in a thread called “Minkoff’s Animated Battlers – Extended”. But I am rebuilding it and will be rebranding it as “AnimBat!”. After a decade, i think it was about time for a name change.

      • I’ll keep an eye out for that and then I’ll finally get round to updating this section. I may list the scripts instead of detailing them as I know nothing of scripting and can’t offer support.

        • Yeah. With the new version, I’m writing a new help file with a “Coder’s Reference” detailing each method in the scripts. Not that many end-users will bother, but some scripters will. Methinks I need to add a new section and example for ‘Holder’s 13pose” templates. ^_^


    The title to the system is no longer Minkoff’s Animated Battlers – Enhanced.

    The system is now “AnimBat! Animated Battlers – Comprehensive”

    The topic(s) where I have posted and corrected now include more demos than before, including a demo that spotlights Holder-Styled battlers. And the Pre-Rendered Configs include a baseline configuration script for Holder battlers. ^_^

    Please note that I have posted within Save-Point a script that can convert RM2K3-styled battlers from ‘The Charas Project’ and RMMV battlers into those usable by AnimBat!

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