Moonpearl’s Animated Battlers Moonpearl’s Animated Battlers

by Moonpearl

Script Location

Author notes:

So, the least you could say is that battles have never been my thing. Proof is, I’ve never ever made anything for battles along my scripting career. Until today.

No custom battle system yet, just animated battlers, but animated in a nice way. I don’t like how all CBS around here all feel so static, so I decided and try myself at making something that would make battles spring to life. For that I drew inspiration (mainly) from Valkyrie Profile, and I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied so far.

Author Compatibility notes:

Script Bundle is meant to be used along with the Script Manager. Please install the script bundle beforehand to have it run properly.

For some reason, the script tends to lag at the end of battle animations (mostly when the target falls back to the ground after being hurled in the air). I have absolutely no idea at the moment why it does that, I will however keep an eye for a solution. I’m experiencing such lags on my laptop, though, so i’m confident that users with more powerful computers are not likely to notice it at all.

Features List:

  • Lively animations
  • Horizontal scrolling with camera and perspective effect
  • Voice acting support
  • Thoroughly customizable – create battle animations setting up various parameters (pose, jump/rush, range, knockback strength…) and freely bind them to weapons/skills/items
  • Theoretically compatible with any battle systems that comply with RPG Maker XP’s base engine specifications

Planned Features:

  • Enhanced battle interface with the Animated Custom Menu System
  • A new battle system while I’m at it

If you have any further information relating to this script then please get in touch so I can update this page, thank you.


3 comments on “Moonpearl’s Animated Battlers

  1. You may want to remove the part saying the Script Manager is required to make this work, as this is no longer the case. Thanks for advertising me! 🙂

    • Hey 🙂 Haven’t spoken in a while, I’ll certainly get round to giving this an overhaul.
      If you’re up for it I’d like to work with you to prep a video demonstrating what can be done with this.

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