Set-up guides

If you need some help setting up Holders Animated Battlers within RPG Maker then click the appropriate engines script/plug-in from the list below.

Using a different one from what’s below? Then please help others in the community by submitting your own guide/tutorial. –Discord

Merge weapon and actor

Guide Link
If you don’t want visual weapons then this guide will help you create one image from three.


How to use my animated battlers within Dragonbones : By Human

Animating with frames in Dragonbones! : Ressurflection (Outside link)

RPG Maker MZ

Akea Animated Battle System 2 : Raizen

RPG Maker MV

Coming soon

RPG Maker VX Ace

Victor’s Animated Battlers : Victor Sant (Inc. Visual Equip : Killer Van)

RPG Maker VX

Coming soon

RPG Maker XP

AnimBat – Animated Battlers Comprehensive : DerVVulfman