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Guide submitted by: Human


Follow this guide to create RPG Maker side view battlers that use more than 3 images in their motions.

Programs you’ll need:

MZ DragonBones Plugins:

Quick Steps:

  1. Setup your project for Dragonbones Plugins and folders instructions not included (Look at the Visustella plugin page)
  2. Slice sprite sheet
  3. Import desired images
  4. Edit DB models/animations
  5. Export project into correct folder
  6. Add correct note tags to database

First steps

  • Setup your project for DragonBones plugins and folders instructions not included (Look at the Visustella plugin page)
  • Download the necessary programs, including DragonBones and/or Sprite Sheet Slicer
  • Slice your sprite sheet into individual parts.


  • Open a new project in DragonBones (Ctrl+N > Create Animation > Armature Template)
  • Import the desired parts into DragonBones (File > Import Assets to Library)
  • Find your images in the library docked on the lower right.
  • Drag your first image to “root” directly above.
  • Drag all your desired images into the same “slot”


  • Go to the Animation tab next to Armature on the top left
  • Click the + to add an animation
  • Click on the image on the stage
  • Click the flag next to Display to create a key frame
  • In the timeline docked at the bottom, click on frame 4 (usually at 24 FPS, 4 frames is a common length).
  • Change the Display image to your next frame, then click the flag again.
  • Repeat this process until you’ve created your motion. Test and adjust frame length as necessary.
  • Select your correct # of Play times.
    • 0 = repeat (like idle or abnormal motions).
    • 1 = perform once before returning to idle motion.
  • Rename your motion. This name is how it will be called in engine.
  • Repeat as necessary for new motions. More images can be dragged to the same “Slot” and used for more motions.


  • Rename the armature to your desired filename:
  • Make any desired changes to the DB project.
  • File > Export (Ctrl + E)
  • Select your dragonbones_assets folder as the Output Path
  • Change Project Name to match your Armature name
  • Click Finish
  • In RPG Maker:
    • Add the notetag below to your desired Actor/Enemy battler’s notetag.
    • Change the notetag’s BattlerName to whatever you named your Armature
    • Change the scale, width, height, etc. as desired
    • Make sure there is a sprite picked for the battler in engine (a sprite needs to exist to be replaced)
  • Complete!

MZ Notetags example (Actor, Enemy)

<Dragonbones Battler Settings>

Battler: Whatever you named your armature

Scale: 1, 1

Offset: 0, 0

Size: 100, 100

Time Scale: 1.0

\\These correspond to the 18 motions in RPG Maker spritesheets. More custom motions can be called during action sequences. If you want any of the motions to occur automatically, put their names after the colons.Blank maintains plugin defaults.\\\

Motion Walk: idle

Motion Wait: 

Motion Chant: 

Motion Guard:

Motion Damage: damage

Motion Evade:

Motion Thrust: attack

Motion Swing: attack

Motion Missile: attack

Motion Skill: 

Motion Spell:

Motion Item: 

Motion Escape:

Motion Victory:

Motion Dying:

Motion Abnormal:

Motion Sleep:

Motion Dead: dead

</Dragonbones Battler Settings>

I’d personally like to thank Human for this guide and if you did find this useful you can find Human over on Twitter @AkraticHuman