Merge weapon and actor

Sometimes you don’t want to have visual weapons or would like to have an actor as an enemy. So here’s a guide on how to merge an actor sheet with the two weapon images.

What you need

  • Image software that has a layer feature
  • One actor image
  • Two weapon sheets of the same weapon (above and below) images
  • Make sure the actor and weapon you have chosen are that of the same class
    • You can find this within the last row of the sheet
  • Have an understanding of how layers work
  • Know how your image software handles copying and pasting of transparent selections
    • If not I’ll explain a work around


Open your image software and the three images (Actor – Weapon below – Weapon above). These should all be the same dimensions.

Within the actor image create two new layers. Position one above and one below the actor. You can rename these layers to make it easier and if you’re planning to do multiple actors or weapons with the same image.

Go to the image of the weapon below sheet. This will be shown in the last row as Layer: Below

The image sheet of the weapon that will appear below the actor is the full unedited version of the weapon.

From there Select the entire sheet and copy. However if you use a program such as photoshop that doesn’t keep selection if there’s transparency around solid colours then there’s a little work around you need to do.

So if you use photoshop or another program that does this then use a pencil/pixel tool and in each corner of the image. I recommend using a bright prime colour as those won’t feature within the graphic and will make removing them later much easier.

This way programs like photoshop will then still select the entire image.
Once you’ve done this, then delete the prime colours in the corners. Go to the above weapon image and do the same for that.
The above weapon image may appear to have parts missing or even sometimes entire sections gone. This is where the actor actually blocks the weapon from view. This is also when if you’ve created your own custom hero from my bases and parts appear to be not aligned correctly within the layer you can erase part of the above weapon.

Once you have all three layers in place you can then save your image as a new file. As a little tip you can always save as your programs default image format to keep your layer options. This will make it easier to come back and replace the actor or weapon at a later date.