RM VXAce – Victor Engine

Victor Engine – Animated Battle

by Victor Sant

Script Location


Author notes:

This script provides a totally customised animated battle system. This script allows a full customisation of action sequences, spritesheet and many things related to in battle display. This script isn’t newbie friendly, be Very Careful with the settings.


Author Compatibility notes:

Requires the script ‘Victor Engine – Basic Module’ v1.27 or higher. If used with ‘Victor Engine – Custom Slip Effect’ place this below it.


This script is highly customisable and comes with an extensive user manual, it also has a YEA Patch available making compatibility that much higher. Victor has also created several additional battle related scripts and is still continuing to do so, if you’re looking for an animated battle script which you can truly make your project unique then I recommend this one.

Though one on one support can be given there’s a high possibility that any problems would be answered within the manual.

Combine this with KillerVans Visual Equipment.


PassiveLion – YouTube video tutorials, includes setting up from scratch to creating skills. website

Video example:

6 comments on “RM VXAce – Victor Engine

  1. … can you post a demo here, will be more easy for the another people who doesn’t speak english … ‘o’

    • I don’t do script support, I make the battlers not the scripts sorry.
      I suggest trying to translate the User Manual on Victors site, the link is above.

    • There’s two as far as I’m aware, minkoffs animated battlers enhanced VX and one by fomar. Since I never used VX those are the only ones I know of.

    • If this implies the script then that’s something you’d have to check via the authors site. I don’t hold that information to avoid confusion and or any alterations that they may make.

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