RM XP – AnimBat!


Animated Battlers – Comprehensive

by DerVVulfman


Title Art by LunarBerry

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Author notes

This script adapts front-view battle systems (like the default battle system, or the RTAB system), and turns it into a side-view battle system. Battlers can bob and weave while waiting to attack, charge forward to attack, and strike a victory pose when they win.

Author Compatibility notes

This side-view battler script was designed to work with both, the default battle system AND the RTAB system. It was also instrumental in making Charlie Fleed’s CTB. And it apparently works with a whole host of others ranging from ParaDog’s and the XRXS systems and those by Trickster. But I cannot account for it working with any other systems.

Includes an easy to read and follow separate help file, also pre-configuration for Holders Animated Battlers so it’s that easy to install and use. If you want it even easier than that then there’s a AnimBat! Holder Edition Demo!


Setup guide

You can copy and paste each section of the scripts over to your existing project where they’re located within the Demo.
ANIMBAT section is split into 4 sections:

1a Config Basics: The basic settings of the entire script. Here you can set the overall speed of the animations, when the woozy state will activate and what actor IDs will have certain conditions such as Phasing and Translucent.

1b Config Pose Control: This is where there the sheet is split up into frames and where you can change (If you want) what row shows for what action. This is already configured to my format so shouldn’t need to be altered.
Further down is more settings for what actors/enemies winning and defeated poses loop, for flexibility not every sheet needs to have a fixed setting and can be unique to each actor/enemy.

1c Config Move & Frame: Within this section you can manipulate what IDs of actors/enemies/weapons make the animated battler not move (Such as Archers who are stationary and don’t advance to attack or weapons that are long range). You can also simulate more recent RPGMaker engines and have your actors step forward for an action, also like early Final Fantasy games.

2 Game Classes: For basic set up this section does not need any alterations.
3 Sprite Based Classes: For basic set up this section does not need any alterations.
4 Battle Engine Classes: For basic set up this section does not need any alterations.

Configuration Help

For ease of use every setting is broken up with an array and #comments (usually in green) to explain what each line does. For example

PHASING_ENEMY         = [7,12]   # IDs of enemies that fade in/out if charging

This is the line for what enemies will fade when charging, you can input more by adding another enemy ID which relates to their number in the enemy database tab. if the code brackets have no IDs within them [] then this won’t be applied to any actor/enemy.

Importing Animated Battlers

From the main task bar go to Materials button>Graphics/Battlers then click on the Import… button
Locate the animated battler image and click ok.

If the image has transparency already set up then it’ll add the battler graphic into the list.
When images don’t then you’ll be presented with another window to manually select a transparent colour (the image background) and a semi-transparent colour (Just click clear as there’s almost never a semi-transparent colour being used).

From there go into the Database icon on the taskbar. Depending on what you’ve just imported select the Actors or Enemies tab.

By default RPGMaker XP uses single frame battler graphics, but you’re fine to select the entire sheet for the Battler Graphic option. The script will divide the image up within the battle.

Setting up Troops

Since the script breaks up the image within the battle when you’re positioning the enemy within the Troops tab you will be moving the entire image sheet. The location the enemy battler will be placed at is at the bottom of the image in the middle.

So although the placement seems drastically off when in battle the positions will be as shown below:

No visual weapon equipment

Since I’m yet to find a visual weapon equipment script to use with this battle system then you’ll need to add a weapon onto your actors.
Fortunately I’ve created a guide on how to do that with what I’ve created.