Terms of Use

The terms of use have changed as of 24th November 2020, these changes mainly effect the wording of use of other IPs.

  • You may download and store these images you plan to use as materials for the creation of a project.
  • You may redistribute via projects and script demos (i.e. which make use of the graphics).
  • You may edit upon these images, named credit for images at any level of edit.
  • Intended for use with the RPG Maker engine (any version) but can be used in any development software.
  • Do not redistribute (content is available across different communities, please link to my topics/galleries/blog/deviantart).
  • If you would like to advertise this blog, you may use a few (around 3) thumbnail animated previews or full sheets as examples.
  • Do not remove the credits section (to ensure that this information isn’t lost in time).
  • Do not remove the credits section and redistribute (both reasons stated above).
  • Not for use within outside accessible archives or complied into a downloadable pack.
  • I create content that is sometimes bases off other IP (Intellectual Properties) and users of such images may use them at their own risk.
  • Free to work upon these images, you must still credit the original and not remove any text that may be within the image which state the original details (i.e. Created by details, Based on credits, Date originally created). Inclusion of additional text within the credits section is fine.
  • The user retains all responsibility, I hold no connection with any party and they assume all responsibility for any given situation regarding conflict, resolution or judgement.

24 comments on “Terms of Use

  1. If my work is used for Commercial purposes with RPG Maker (any version) or any other program I hold/have no connection nor have I made or will make any direct profit from that…..

    So it is OK to use for commercial projects as long as full credit goes to you, correct? I’m sorry if this question seems poor, but i need to clarify as i do not want to make any mistakes.

    • You can use it commercially if you like yes, there’s also additional credits at the bottom of each sheet that you would need to take note of.

      • Oi I was wondering if I can use these for a commercial use for outside of RPG Maker. We’d also like to know if you’d like to take part in the project. We are making a 2D turn based MMORPG which will sooner or later come to Steam. We would like your pro mission as it says only for RPG Maker. We’d love to have you on our team and of course if you join the team profits will be split! I am not the owner but hit me up via my e-mail and we will show what we have got!

  2. Hey I’m Administrator of a brazilian RPG Maker community, I loved if I could have a partnership with this blog, in the case putting our link on the RPG Maker Communities :), as I am putting your blog on the list of RPG Maker Resources there ^^.
    http://centrorpg.com if you want to check out more :D. Thanks ^^

    • That sounds great, if you have a banner that will fit into my blogroll then I’ll certainly include it. I’ve checked out the topic and I’ve also updated my terms of use so others can do similar.

      • Since its a community, I thought it didn’t need the mini-banner ^^, like gMaker HBGames, only with the link, but if needed I’ll make one the same size as the blogs use, well thanks for replying :D, I really loved these resources, and I’m sure the portuguese users will also love them.

  3. You have some really impressive artwork here!
    One thing about the license is a bit confusing.
    First you state “Intended for use with the RPG Maker engine (any version) only.” and later “If my work is used for Commercial purposes with RPG Maker (any version) or any other program I hold/have no connection nor have I made or will make any direct profit from that.”

    The confusing part is that you first say your graphics is to ONLY be used with the RPG Maker and then later you say “…or any other program.”
    So you allow your material to be used commercially with ANY OTHER PROGRAM as long as you are credited?

    Perhaps I’m wrong but your license sound very similar to the Creative Commons – Attribution license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

    Can you please help me understand what I can and can’t do with your graphics? 🙂

  4. hi im not an good english speaker and reader
    so i kinda dont understand sam ofo the license agreement
    so i hav a question

    *can i use the dummy sprite to make my own sprite for my games?
    *or can edit a sprite completely?

    sori for my english

  5. I have a question. Did you make these graphics yourself? because your saying you have no connection which i have not herd any where else, I desperately want to use your monster graphics for my game, because I’m going to be using a sideview battle system, this is all for commercial of course. But ya I just dont want to get into trouble if I use these graphics there pretty sweet though.

  6. I don’t know if this is the right place to do it but…in first hand congratulations for the job, pretty way good!! in second hand, i would like to request a script or help making one script based on this “animated battlers” but adding to it a “super saiyan mode” :/

  7. Hi Holder! First I’d like to say I love your sprites, I give you ALOT of credit! I’ve tried before, didn’t come out too well haha. Anyway, I wasn’t too sure where to contact you, so I figured I’d post here….
    Would it be possible to commission some animated sprites? I love your work and style, only problem is that there are very few sprite sheets to choose from (understandably so, considering how much work it takes). I’d love to buy some custom ones from you…. I don’t care how long it would take haha. Any way this would be possible? Thanks in advance! ^_^

  8. Hey there Holder, I love your work, these battlers truly are exceptional work, I was wondering I have found different actors of yours all over the place, different from what you show on this site, I found the dartk knight you made, but you dont show it on this site with these terms of use, on the site you have the dark knight class acter on, it says not for commercial use, i know you updated your terms of use on this site, I’m just wondering if I can use any of your actors you have on the web and not just this site for commercial use? thanks holder

    • Those were from my first generation of battlers I made, they’ll fall under the same ToU. At first I had said that they’re not for commercial use but I had a lot of requests and a lot of people using RM have been moving into commercial development so I didn’t want to restrict anyone from using these.

      Would you mind letting me know which site so I can update it?

  9. Hello Holder, huge fan of your work. Anyways my wife and I are working hard on our game and plan to do a kickstarter campaign in the near future to see if we can get enough funds to release it commercially (paying for tile licenses, and other work, etc). We thought it would be a fun incentive to the campaign to have an old school NES style USB controller as one of the tier rewards, and we we’re hoping it would be ok to include the 3 main characters in poses together (they are also edited from your originals) as a decal to put on the controller, with the title of the game. Would this be ok?Would you like to see it? Of course all credit will be given. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the late reply firstly.
      I’d be perfectly fine with that, it’s a really cool idea and I’d love to see it.

      Once if and when you get the kickstarter up and running send a link my way and I’ll give it a shout out.

  10. So here’s something I’m not quite sure of, if I created a blank template (no character base or anything just completely empty tiles) and I create my own images to use with it, do I still need to credit you for the layout style? Honestly I probably would anyway but, I thought I should ask.

    • In that case no you wouldn’t need to, I included additional poses which I thought necessary which were not in the earlier animated battlers that used to be used with XP. These had 11 poses and that was extended from the previous 7. I also included a credits line which wasn’t done previously and something which I liked doing from XP tilesets and 2k3 facesets/charasets.

      Bit of a random history lesson there but yeah, it’s up to yourself in that situation. I think a lot of people tend to use that to describe what kind of sheet they’d like in terms of order and poses.

  11. So, if I download the actors spritesheet and edit it, but still give you credits etc it is ok for commercial use? I just want to edit them to fit my actors.

    English is not my native language, so i just want to be sure. 🙂

  12. So holder with the newest makers rpg mv we’d need to edit these to fit the right setup, and the way it’s done, we’d have to remember the credit section (along with any other section that doesn’t fit in the style’s setup). So is there anyway we can use these with mv ?

  13. how much would you charge me to make stargate characters? XP or MV, Or Both 🙂 I like oldschool style tho. XP

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