Holders Animated Battlers is a project which I’ve started to give everyone who’s developing a RPG Maker game a chance of having a consistent and solid collection of battlers.

This was started near the end of 2011 but I’ve been creating content for the RPG Maker series for many years, some of my early battlers are remakes of previous submissions and since I’ve settled on a style I felt I should bring what I have done up to date. The past couple of years I’ve taken what I’ve learned over that time and started a collection anew.


I’ve been involved with RPG Maker now for over ten years, I started out after moving on from a program called The Games Factory where I made Megaman clone games and simple maze and puzzle games. I have had a project that I worked on for many years (Since 2005 I believe) it went through various changes, I moved onto different RPG Maker versions, but each time I wanted to make my own graphics as the settings within the game were quite different from the usual RPGs.

Now I focus on creating content for others to use and bring to life.


Goals for the collection as of 2020 is to create a set of base template job classes for each gender and initial weapon set along with drip feeding monsters.

I have set up a discord https://discord.gg/Jkd4XDC which anyone is free to join, it’s not just for my personal work but to give advice/help and also showcase your own work.


Going into 2021 and with a new PC I’m now streaming on Twitch over at https://www.twitch.tv/holder_ with this a new final version of battlers have been born. Under the title of Streamline – these final versions will all work together and everything is now futureproof.

Stay safe as always.


Hitting 2022 and I have gathered everything I need to finish the bases, and this is now my focus for the year. Having a complete set of 30 Bases and 30 Job classes. Making available 75 weapons as the set is complete.
Unfortunately this means no further enemies till that’s complete.

With this I’m also sketching some costume designs to start selling them once complete. This will come with not just various colours but also a unique weapon set, icon, turn order, a full character picture, bust and face set. I’ve decided not to do character sets of each simply because there’s many different styles over the series and people tend to create their own.

Progress on the battlers hence forth may seem slow in release but I’m working on each pose for each class at a time. This means that when it comes to releasing them they’ll come fast! The three available now are enough for you to use as placeholders and for coders/scripters to create content with.

Stay safe ❤

21 comments on “About

  1. Keep up the good work. I’m really looking foward your mage. I hope you’ll make a claw fighter hero soon 🙂

  2. Hey, I really love your work!
    I hope you make some futuristic battlers at some point… in the future?

    • Before I started doing the RTP characters I was planning to do Phantasy Star Online characters to go with the Mags.
      However as much as I’d love to work on those now there’s more of an audience for the standard fantasy so it’s been put on the back seat for now.

    • Hey, holders, I don’t know if you are still taking request, but, if you do, We would like to see a Male Magician, every old school RPGs have these, don’t you agree XD
      Also Skeleton for Monster, but i prefer Magician over skeleton, or is it skeleton over magician, just, whatever, I LOVE all your works, keep it up!!
      If you don’t taking request, it’s okay, beggars can’t be chooser, right XD

  3. Hello, I have created a gunner version of your archer in your style, but I can’t seem to get to have quite the same amount of detail as yours. Is there anyway you would be willing to fix it up for me a bit? its mostly in the legs.

  4. Hi Holder, I’ve left you a message on your Twitterer, but I thought I’d leave a comment here. I’m looking to commission some battler sheets for a project I’m working on (our fourth commercial title). Please let me know if you’re available, so we can discuss. Many thanks from a fellow Brit 😉

  5. Hey bro.. i’m using your’s battlers sheet on “Symphony battle” sistem on rpg maker ace and works awsome. I made a “lot” of new battlers sheet.. if you wanna see or share let me know.
    Sorry for the english but i speak spanish xD.

  6. Hey friend! Our Kickstarter has gone live, as of about 10 minutes ago! We’ve linked to you, and featured some modified versions of your battlers. In addition to that, I wanted to let you know that if our Kickstarter pulls through, we’d definitely like to make a nice donation, as your resources have been a big help. So please check it out and tell your friends! Hope you like the video 😉 Thank you!

  7. Hello I’m known as northeastern penguin on the internet, but this is not the case, what I wanted to ask and if I can use your script in my game, it seems that my game may have a good future and with that I do not want to end up losing it because of a scritp that will think that I stole from you without giving the credits to you

    I could put it in my game?

  8. I hate to ask this. But did you know your Monsters appear to be dead? All links are R.I.P. 😦 And there’s always such a shortage for good monsters.

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