The list is being updated so if you know of a script which uses or can use Holders Animated Battlers or the Mag add-on please let me know somewhere on the internet.

Thank you.

RPG Maker MZ

Akea Animated Battle System 2 – By Raizen

RPG Maker MV

Battler Graphic Setup – By Victor

Sideview Battler Enhancement – By Yami *Configuration Help*

RPG Maker VX Ace

Victor Engine – Animated Battle – By Victor Sant

TSBS – Theolized Sideview Battle System – By TheoAllen

Animated Battlers – By Jet

Animated Battlers – By Fomar0153

Animate Enemies – By Rhyme

Tankentai Sideview Battle System v1.00 – Translator: Wishdream

Battle Pets – By Galv

Battle Cut-In graphics by Archeia/Nessiah in Archeia’s RTP Workshop.

RPG Maker VX

Animated Battler Graphic Script V1.0 – By Neon Black

Animated Battlers VX – DerVVulfman

RPG Maker XP

AnimBat Animated Battlers – Comprehensive – By DerVVulfman

ACBS – Atoa Custom Battle System 3.2 – By Atoa

Moonpearl’s Animated Battlers – By Moonpearl

4 comments on “Scripts

    • o.o Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot about this section. So sorry, I think it was copied from a while ago. I’ll get it updated as soon as.

  1. can any where tell mw where I can figure out how to config tankentai sbs for these guys

    • I’m no scripter and have little almost no knowledge of that script so I can’t help sorry. Perhaps a question like that is more suited for the forums.
      Sorry I couldn’t be of any help there.

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