Material directory

This section is split up into four separate sections, each includes information on every unique battler and where to acquire matching material.

Please be aware that if it’s content created by another person I can’t upload it here directly and you’ll be directed to the source of the image, I can’t list terms of use for every case in this situation so please be mindful when saving content that I’ve linked to. If something isn’t available for whatever reason it shall be marked as N/A, likewise if it’s part of the RunTimePackage it will simply be marked RTP with the corresponding engine title.

You’ll be able to find Animated Battlers, Charactersets, Facesets, Portraits, alternative skins and for different engines.

  • Actors – Human characters, can be used for actors or enemies.
  • Monsters – Creatures of all kinds, not simply for enemies but also party companions or in-game ‘states’.
  • Bosses – Larger than usual creatures, perfect for later game development.
  • Mags – Specific structure for battle support, based and named upon the Phantasy Star Online series.
  • Charactersets – Matching character sprites to use with my battlers.
  • Portraits – Matching Portraits based on RTP to go with my battlers.
  • Facesets – Matching Facesets based on RTP to go with my battlers.

25 comments on “Material directory

    • Cheers Rift 🙂
      It’s something I always wanted to do and I never thought what I do would be good enough for people to enjoy and use, so it’s always nice to hear that people like it.

      • These are done really well, i always had trouble creating battlers cos it was so tricky getting the poses right. Great work!!

  1. So are you eventually planning to animate all those other dudes in your header picture? Because that would be awesome.

    • Certainly, those are actually the test idle frames that I set up first of all.
      I find it helps spot errors if I create it first then look back at it a week or so later.

    • — I love, is creating a game with your battlers great job;) —

      Thank you very much Stikus 🙂 I’m pleased you like them and are making use of them.

  2. J’aurai aimer savoir si tu avais l’intention de faire des battlers Hommes avec une épée a une main et des magiciennes à cannes ???

    • “I will like to know if you intended to make battlers Men with a sword in one hand and magicians in cannes??”

      Yes I am making a magician now and a swordsman will soon follow, just having a bit of a problem at the moment. I will resume shortly. Thanks 🙂

      • Well a magician can’t be so hard if you make one withougth a staff it would take merely 2 hours with your skill :O
        And BTW veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good work
        P.S : Would Magiciennes a cannes be ‘sorceres/(F)magician’ with a staff?

  3. Do you take requests by any chance? and if not, do you have any plans of making dual wielding sprites?

    • I’m backlogged at the moment with requests so I’m not taking any more on just yet. I’ve not got any plans as yet for dual wielding ones, is there any particular weapon or just anything?

      • Ah, I see, and that is completely understandable as you are a great artist and your work is highly praised, things of this matter take time and diligence. Also, thank you for your quick response. 🙂

        To answer your question, the weapon i had in mind for reference was just basic swords(nothing outrageous lol), The reason for my asking was because I have been stuck at a standstill with my current project trying to develop a specific character who dual wields swords.

        I have made an attempt to sprite the character based on your battler format but it did not come out so well, as i’m inexperienced at this specific sort of designing (Pixel art,.etc) It came out rather sloppy, but I did partially work on an actual sheet for the said character(still missing a few frames). The character itself swings twice during his attack frames with each hand(which i managed to pull off, but again it is very choppy as i’m not good at this, I also tended to rush through it a bit…)

        (This is a single sprite of the attempt:

        I wasn’t aware if you did requests or not thus, which led me to ask if you did or have any plans for making a dual wielding character in the future.

        Regardless of that though, Thank you again for responding to my comment and I look forward to seeing your future work.
        (Sorry for the wall of text lol)

    • Is there any ones in particular that you’d like done?
      If I’ve not posted them then that just means that I’ve not finished the sheet yet.

      • Umm…
        The tall woman with a staff, the boy holding his sword riku style, and the man with black armor and a red cape.
        They all look really awesome, but those appeal to me better. Ty

  4. Hey, Holders. I’m wondering if I can make a request right here? Or somewhere else? I’ve already posted on RPG Maker VX Ace forums. You can look for it, or I put the direct link here. You decide.

  5. so, will you make animated battlers for rmvx package character like in your header? 🙂 I’m waiting for it,, that’s awesome.. 😉
    *sorry for my bad english…

  6. Hello, I have created a gunner version of your archer in your style, but I can’t seem to get to have quite the same amount of detail as yours. Is there anyway you would be willing to fix it up for me a bit? its mostly in the legs.

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