11 comments on “Need a name for new video series

  1. I kind of like Spriters Diary. Pixel Builders seems kinda unappealing… I’d go for something cute, but if you want serious I guess Spriters Diary works xD

    • Yeah I’m wanting it to be as helpful as possible. That’s one of the reasons why I’m going to answer anyone’s question that they may have about sprinting within the videos.

  2. Sprite Bytes

    I like Bit by Bit and Pixel Builders, though!

    Alternatively, you can just say “Holder’s Sprites Are Amazing You Should Totally Watch This OMG XOXOXOXO”

    By the way, I came here to thank you! My husband and I are working on our own little project and I just need to say… your animated battlers are fantastic! Thank you for making them available!

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