10 comments on “Battlebacks and other material release.

    • Yeah that’s on my list of things to do. Firstly though I’ve got a concept sketch for a forest entrance background using those above as a base.

    • I can see why that program is used a lot, I had to try it out and it was fun. I don’t see many people being inventive with single frame animations though, it tends to be flowing frames (like mine above) which get used.
      I dunno, depending on how things go I may give things a try to match the size of the battlers.

  1. Nice battlebacks 🙂 Too bad they look a bit flat to me though, maybe some texturing would help. Also, I like your battle animations very much, but isn’t the left one incomplete?

    • Ah the first and second animations are intended for the user to fade out themselves, I’ve not made any for years and if I ever did make more then I’d be doing single frames and not the kind that’s above.

      As for the battleback there’s not much I can say XD I referenced many battlebacks which have been used in the past, they didn’t really focus on actual depth. As for texturing them, it may be a bit too much hassle to do that for something which isn’t going to be the main focus on the screen.

      • Regarding battlebacks, I know what you mean, however I believe a nice perspective texturing effect could be added in no more than 5 minutes. With your permission I might want to try my hands at that and hope that it does actually make them look better.

        • You can do if you like, I’ve already started looking at more modern backgrounds to get a feel of how they work. So I think I’ll be doing a rework once I get a chance.

  2. I need a little help. For one, I’m making a game and am looking to make the combat system as… well, nice and polished as possible. For another, I can’t STAND Ace’s basic sprites. It bothers me so much how small and unrealistic they are, you can’t really make them have a ton of personality. I’m hoping to find people who can do custom battlers and whatnot (and they would be interesting projects) and I would even pay a little if wanted. I don’t know how to contact you though… So I figured I would just post here. If you can help make custom battlers and how to use custom charsets it would be epic. I can be contacted through Knight_d345@yahoo.com. Please contact me saying if you can or can’t help, because I’m hoping this game will go far, considering it has a very epicly long storyline (unlike those dungeon crawler RPGs I always see that are poorly constructed.

    As stated above I can be contacted through:
    KnyghtD on Youtube.

    These are the best ways to communicate for me personally if you are interested in helping =P Please respond when possible. Thanks 😀

  3. I like. what you make holder You so cool at making stuff.

    (I know my grammar is wrong cause I like to make wrong grammars)

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